Samstag, 14. August 2010

Miley & Fans


ein paar Fans haben gestern Miley in Detroit in einem Restaurant getroffen. Eines der Mädchen hat auch das Gespräch aufgeschrieben. Außerdem machten sie ein Bild zusammen.

Das Gespräch:

So, my best friends and I were sitting around watching the SYTYCD finale when my best friend gets a call from her cousin telling us Miley is at the restaurant she works at. We dropped everything and went to the place and went and sat out on the patio like 2 tables away. We ordered food and just hung out and Miley ate and whatnot. People kept approaching her WHILE she was eating, i thought that was rude but whatever. We waited till she stood up and looked like she was leaving and we walked over. Here’s the convo:

Me: Miley, Miley…
Me: Im sorry!!!
Miley: Oh hey! what’s up?
Me: Hi! Okay so i met you a few weeks back and I was wearing this shirt…*pulls up F U shirt*
Miley: oh my god you did not get me that shirt! *hugs me* I love you! thank you
Me: aw youre welcome, I hope you like it! i hope it fits!
Miley: no its okay! I cut all my shirts. Nothing ever fits me, my boobs hang out, i don’t give a shit.
Me: I didn’t even know if i’d be able to give it to you!
Miley: I know what’re the odds!
Me: Im not stalking you, i swear!
Miley: hahaha no its cool!
Me: im shelby by the way, but you probably won’t remember!
Miley: no Ill remember it’s my cousins name! so ill remember!
Me:I hate to ask you again but could we get a picture?
Miley: OH YEAH! No problem, you deserve it! *puts arm around me*
Me: You’re so sweet, i love you. i don’t care what anyone says you’re so sweet.
Camera guy: Hhahaah that was almost a compliment.
Me: NO NO That was a compliment, you seriously have made me the badass i am today. You have made me not give a shit. Thank you so much. I love you.
Miley: Good you shouldn’t care! I don’t care what people say. *i give her a high five*
Tricia(best friend): You seriously have inspired her so much.
Miley: Aw well thank you! You girls are old enough to know how to stick up for yourselves. Dont listen to people. People talk, I don’t listen, I don’t care. You should always stick up for yourself, definitely.

then other guys come up and ask for a picture and im like okay thank you have a good night!
ssooo yeah i probs missed some things but idek it was crazy

P.S. Falls ihr die Übersetzung dazu wollt,schreibt es einfach in die Comment-Box ;)

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